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Canonical URL for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5

Canonical Meta tag is introduced to solve duplicate contents in a website. Suppose if you have a Joomla website and you have turned on the mod_rewrite settings and URL rewriting settings in your Global configuration, you will have your URL something like http://yoursite/some-page.html. Well that's it, NO...

You can still access this http://yoursite/some-page.html as http://yoursite/some-page. Well try that out. That's bad for SEO. What shall you do? Put redirect? No, that's not the right solution. Here Canonical URL will come to our rescue.

Joomla! 3 has settings for this and a few more free plugins to do this without hacking any codes. But what about Joomla! 2.5 and 1.5? A large number of websites run on these versions. Try searching for a free plugin to handle this and you will will come up with nothing or paid plugins( I also did the same thing once, lol).. You would not want to throw away a few $$ for this simple thing..

Well here is the solution, Download the attached zip file, extract it and upload it to the includes folder of your Joomla installation.

Then, head to your template index.php file or the head section of your template file(it will differ from template to template) and put the following lines of code snippet.

<?php include_once (JPATH_ROOT.DS.'includes'.DS.'canonical_tag.php');?>

That's it. Try visiting your http://yoursite/some-page.html and http://yoursite/some-page. Now, http://yoursite/some-page will have the canonical tag as

<link rel="canonical" href="http://yoursite/some-page.html">

Well, it tells Google or other search engine that both http://yoursite/some-page and http://yoursite/some-page.html are same .

How easy is that? Have any suggestions, don't hesitate to write it on the comments. We will appreciate that
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Tuesday, 28 January 2014 04:01

Upgrading Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.x.x

All of you running Joomla 2.5.x must be pretty excited to upgrade your Joomla 2.5.x to this pretty awesome and new Joomla 3. So guys, we are writing this tut for those people out there who is excited and would like to upgrade their J2.5 to J3.

Please note that Joomla! 2.5 Life ends on December 31st, 2014 and you can continue using it. But if you really want to get a taste of the new J3, then Read on!

  • Backup Backup Backup. Please backup your site before continuing any of the steps mentioned below. Create a full backup of your website using Akeeba Backup or any other backup solutions that are available for Joomla!. Also you can do a manual backup(if you know how to)..
  • Check if your server is compatible with Joomla 3. You can refer to this doc located at If your server doesn't meet the said requirements then you should stop at this stage. But most of the decent host will meet the requirements for Joomla 3. So this is not a problem, i guess.
  • Make sure you are running the latest version of Joomla 2.5. As of this writing, the current version of Joomla 2.5 is Joomla 2.5.17. Also make sure that all your extension that are installed on the site are running its latest version.
  • Check if the extensions that are installed on your sites have J3 compatible version. You can do this by visiting the sites of the extension's developer. Please make sure your templates too have a J3 compatible version. Make a note of those extensions which are not compatible.
  • Disable or uninstall all those extensions which are not compatible with Joomla3. Make sure you do not disable or uninstall core Joomla extensions.
  • Now go to Components, then Joomla Update and then Options which is located on top right
Joomla Update

  • Now from this Pop Up window, change the Update Server from Long Term Support(recommended) to Short Term Support. Save it.

Joomla Update2

  • After you save it, you must be getting a screen something like

Joomla Update3
  • If You do not get the above screen and if Joomla is saying the installed version is the latest, then head to Extension Manager > Update and then hit Purge Cache(on top right) and then click on Find Updates. After this, you will be showing the above screen when you head to Components > Joomla Update
  • Now, Click Install the Update. wait for a few mins/sec. Now, your site must be updated to the latest J3 version.
  • Check on Extensions > Extension Manager and then Database, make sure there are no errors. If you see errors, click on Fix button on top right.
  • Now install your template, which must be J3 compatible.
  • Also, install the extension which have J3 compatible version.

That's it Guys.. I think that was too easy.

If you ever run into problems, make sure to write about it on the comments, we would love to help you out.

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You must have come across Joomla components where the Meta Description are not available and you can't see to override it from the Menu item Meta Tag option. I too came across such thing, so thought how to achieve this. My client was asking me to change the Description as it was displaying a wrong description in Google Search... Thought how i could achieve this thing. Finally came up with this brilliant idea.

Open up your FTP or cPanel File Manager and then navigate to your template folder and then html. In short we are going to use template overrides feature of Joomla. I will not be going into detail what template overrides is.  In the default.php file of your template overrides located at yourtemplate/html/com_your_component_name, just after the code defined( '_JEXEC' ) or die( 'Restricted access' );: add the following

$document =& JFactory::getDocument();
$document->setDescription("Your custom description");

I will here demonstrate for a component called JSPLocation, which is a Location Displaying Component. When you use this Component, it will not include a Meta Description in the source code. lets copy the contents of the folder components/com_jsplocation/views into your local drive.
You will have something like
Meta Description Joomla

Now create a new folder called com_jsplocation inside yourtemplate/html and then another folder called jsplocation. Inside this folder upload the contents of components/com_jsplocation/views/jsplocation/tmpl which you just downloaded in the above steps.

You will have 3 files called default.php, default.xml and index.html.

Open up default.php in a text editor and then edit it, check the image below

Adding The Description Code

That's it now check your Source code...

Please note that this hack is only for Joomla 2.5+ and higher versions only.
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