Top 10 Web Design Software (Free and Paid) – 2020

Wordpress Website Design in Imphal Manipur

Before this time, making websites was a huge task. And only the coder and web designer will do that. But nowadays, website creation is very much easier, because of website builder software.

Today anybody can build a website using this software. They all have some basic features like drag & drop , responsive design and no coding needs. There are lots of web design software but here we will discuss some best web design software. However, if you want to design your website without any hassle, then please check our services.

And we will discuss their features and prices of these softwares.

There are two main categories in web design software.

  1. Online web design software
  2. Offline web design software

Out of the two, online web design software is very popular.

Best online web design software in Imphal

You have a small Ecommerce business or you are passionate about writing and want to start a blog then this platform is best for you, because this platform comes with an easy setup and user friendly interface.

  1. (Free & Paid)Free Website Designing with WixWix is the best and popular software for making a website. Wix is used by many businesses and freelancers. They have more than 150 million users all over the world. They have the best editor so if you are not a full time coder or don’t have coding knowledge they also can build a website.
    Wix has many pre-build web design templates. So you can easily make a website .There are only some web design builders that provide animation text and other things. When you start to make a website then these features work automatically and build page design automatically.In Wix, you have already one website running and you want to change their template then it will     be a very difficult task. You can do this manually or restart a building a website from the first step.
    Wix pricing is more expensive than other website design software.Who are the Ideal users of Wix?
    Ideal users for wix are freelancers or small companies.Wix is best for artists, musicians, freelancers, photographers , and who want only to show their portfolio.How much is the price of Wix?
    Wix is free, they will show an ad on your website and you have to buy a new domain. They have a premium plan and the minimum price is $29/month.
  1. (Free & Paid)Wordpress Website Design in Imphal ManipurThe leader of the CMS (Content Management System) is WordPress. Most of the websites use WordPress to make a website, as it is fast and easy. And it is also most popular for making any type of websites.You have a full control of your website and also content and data of your website. When you use WordPress, keep in mind that thousands of templates are available to use which are easy to customize. WordPress allows you to use different plugins and add ons so you can use these plugins to grow business. And you can use third party tools like SEO, payments processing, etc.
    You are responsible for your websites. Like security issues, creating backups and updates, and web hosting. WordPress doesn’t provide drag and drop features. But you can use third party tools for that. eManipur can look for security issues in your website if you need it. Click here to check our services.Who are the Ideal users of WordPress?
    It is perfect for beginners who want to make a website.
    If you are thinking about making money online then it’s perfect for your online stores.

    How much is the price of WordPress?
    WordPress is totally free. But there are limits. If you want to use all features then you have to pay some money. You can check out from this link. Looking for a WordPress website design, you can use our Web Designing Services.

  1. Weebly (Free & Paid Version)Free Weebly Website Design
    Weebly has 50 million websites over the internet. Weebly is popular for online store.
    You have an offline store and you want its online presense then it will be perfect for you. And they provide web hosting and domain name with their plans.
    The themes are responsive and fully customizable. They also provide SEO features and it will give you tips and keyword optimization and improve site rankings.
    Weebly website builders have not provided an automatic web page builder so you have to create whole website manually. It come with a drag and drop system but a full drag and drop is not available. You can customize it through coding. If your site does not work or goes down ,you cannot restore on your own .For that you have to contact Weebly service center.Who are the Ideal users of Weebly?
    It is great for those who know HTML and CSS and love to do coding.
    Weebly is a great tool if you have knowledge and experience in HTML.

    How much is the price of Weebly?
    It provides free plans but with minimal features. An advanced plan price is something around $12/month.

  1. (Paid) Designing website with Squarespace
    It is another website builder that is an alternative to other website builders.
    It also provides drag and drop features, SSL encryption and other features for making an ecommerce website. Squarespace comes with different types of themes and color customization.Who are the Ideal users of Squarespace?
    Who wants to create a professional ecommerce website then it is for you.

    How much is the price of Squarespace?
    Squarespace’s plan starts with $12 per month with some limits. The business plan costs $18 per month.

  1. Adobe Dreamweaver (Paid)Website development with Dreamweaver
    Dreamweaver software is an adobe product. It is used for maintaining a website with coding and editing. You can use this software as you want like you can do by coding or visual interface.
    Dreamweaver comes with many features of a traditional and Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The IDE include syntax highlighting, code-completion, and do an expansion of code and merging of code. And also you can use it with bootstrap to build better websites.
    Dreamweaver come with IDE and also drag drop features. And while making a website, you can view the website in real time.Who are the ideal users of Dreamweaver?
    Who wants more than drag drop features and coding interface IDE then it’s for you.

    How much is the price of Dreamweaver?
    Dreamweaver pricing plan is $20.99 per month or you can choose Adobe’s full Creative Suite. The price is $52.99 per month. And also Adobe offers 7-day free trials and also discounts offers..

  1. Figma (Free and Paid)Figma designing
    Figma is new in the industry but it is also powerful in design and prototyping. If you are looking for the best interface features with prototyping features then it will be perfect for you.
    Figma comes with a vector based interface that will help to build a website easily and simply. Anything you can do with an adobe XD or other tools that you can do with this tool.
    Figma has great features like cloud based technology so you and your team can work on one project and your superior can monitor your design and gives suggestion for your design prototype.Who are the ideal users of Figma?
    Who runs small company and for freelancers. And who are beginners in design and prototyping also can use this tool for free.

    How much is the price of Figma?
    Figma offers a free plan that allows three projects. If you want to upgrade for more projects then you have to pay a monthly charge. And that price is $12 per month.

  1. Adobe XD (Free Trial)Adobe XD ToolsAdobe is another web design tool of Adobe that comes with web designing and prototyping.
    Adobe supports other prototyping files like sketch. And you can collaborate with other sketch users to make a web design and work on one project. Many professionals are now using adobe XD because it has a basic and powerful interface and allows editing of sketch files.Who are the ideal users of Adobe XD?
    Who want to be professional in web design and android.

    How much is the price of Adobe XD?
    Adobe XD rice is $9.99/month or subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Suite for $52.99 per month. Adobe also provides 7-days free trial.

  1. Sketch 3 (Free Trial)Sketch-tool-for-Mac-OSSketch is a very popular tool for making a website and beautiful, high fidelity mockups. Sketch won a design award in 2010 from Apple.
    Sketch has an ecosystem of different features and integrations that you can make easily websites and also you can integrate into your workflow. Web designers love Sketch because of the modern interface that will help to make beautiful and fast web design.How much is the price of Sketch?
    Sketch is for Mac OS and the premium plan price is $99/year. Sketch provides a free 30-day trial.
  1. Framer X (Free Trial)Framer X DesignerFramer started as a Javascript library and then toolset for prototyping and now they are involved in web design tools.
    Framer X supports a complex animation and also provides a code for react js. Framers are also vector based interfaces so it’s easy to use and have more functionality than others.
    Framer X is loved by designers because of responsive design features and premade components and also for animation. And developers also use Framers because web design code is ready to deploy and you can make changes easily.How much is the price of Framer X?
    Framer X provides a 14-day free trial but after that you can buy a premium plan and that price is around $12 per month.
  1. InVision Studio (Free and Paid)Invision Studio AppsInVision started with a cloud based prototype design service that you can integrate with Photoshop and Sketch. Now they made their own interface design tool and that’s a studio.
    InVision Studio is more advanced than Sketch. It comes with advanced motion animation, collaboration and shares prototype with others.How much is the price of InVision Studio?
    InVision Studio is free and you can share prototypes using their cloud technologies. You can also use a free plan that supports limited prototype sharing and collaborating with others. But if you buy a premium plan then you can collaborate on many projects with others. Premium plan price is $12/ month.

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